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Amethyst beads at

Gemstone Beads are sold in 16 inch strands unless otherwise noted

Most of our amethyst bead are hand cut in India.
Due to the unique nature of this product expect variation in size and color.

The following beads are sold in strands approximately 16 inches in length unless otherwise noted.

2mm round, light color
AM01 - $6.00 per strand

7mm round, light color
AM02 - $6.00 per strand

4-5mm round
AM03 - $6.00 per strand

4mm round, light color
AM03LT - $6.00 per strand

4mm round, dark color, better color & AM04 - $8.00 per strand

6-7mm round, dark color
AM05 - $10.00 per strand

8-9mm round, dark color
AM06 - $9.00 per strand

appx. 7x11mm carved ovals
AM07 - $5.00 per strand

5 x 6 to 11mm tubes
AM08 - $4.00 per strand

appx. 5-7x6-10mm "bricks"
AM09 - $3.00 per strand

appx. 4-5x6-10mm drops
AM10 - $4.00 per strand

6 to 10mm triangle
AM11 - $3.00 per strand

appx. 6mm flat coins
AM12 - $4.00 per strand

appx. 6-7x8-11mm flat diamond
AM13 - $6.00 per strand

appx. 6x9mm smooth briolette
AM14 - $6.00 per strand

5.5x7.5mm drillled "cabachon"
AM15 - $8.00 per strand

Oval "chevron" coloring
irregular sizes and shading appx. 9-11x10-15mm
AM16 - $6.00 per strand

oval tube "chevron" coloring
irregular sizes and shading appx. 6-10x14-20mm
AM17 - $6.00 per strand

7-8x8-12mm ovals
AM18 - $5.00 per strand

5mm rondelle
AM19 - $4.00 per strand

5mm hieshi (tire) shape
AM20 - $7.00 per strand

6mm hieshi (tire) shape
AM21 - $7.00 per strand

7mm hieshi (tire) shape
AM22 - $9.00 per strand

10-15mm rondelle
AM23 - $14.00 per strand

10-12mm rondelle
AM24 - $14.00 per strand

appx. 16x22mm tubes
AM25 - $30.00 per strand

appx. 6mm "lazy" facet rondelle
AM26 - $8.00 per strand

6mm facet hieshi (tire)
AM27 - $14.00 per strand

appx. 6x9mm facet diamond tubes
AM28 - $19.00 per strand

9-12x11-15mm facet chiclet
AM29 - $15.00 per strand

appx. 6x9mm partially faceted oval
each side has 4 facet "faces"
AM30 - $18.00 per strand

8-11mm facet coin
AM31 - $11.00 per strand

8-9mm facet coin
AM32 - $15.00 per strand

4.5mm facet rondelle, "pink" amethyst
AM33 - $21.00 per strand

7.5mm facet rondelle, light color
AM34 - $18.00 per strand

3mm facet rondelle, xtra quality
AM35 - $26.00 per strand

5mm facet rondelle, top quality
AM36 - $28.00 per strand

4-5mm multi shade facet rondelle
AM37 - $19.00 per strand

5-6mm facet rondelle, multi shade, darker mix
AM38 - $19.00 per strand

9-12x10-16mm facet oval
AM39 - $14.00 per strand

top quality freeform facet 7-10x10-16mm
AM40 - $149.00 per strand

appx. 7x9mm faceted & carved ovals
AM41 - $32.00 per strand

10-12mm faceted & carved rondelle
AM42 - $79.00 per strand

8mm facet rounds, A grade
AM43 - $99.00 per strand

4mm faceted rounds
AM44 - $18.00 per strand

top drill freeform pebbles
5-10 x 12-24mm
AM45 - $11.00 per strand

11-12mm facet rondelle, "Super 7 amethyst"
AM46 - $180.00 per strand
chevron amethyst-faceted freeform nuggets
varying sizes ranging 10x12mm-15x24mm
AM47 - $10.00 per strand

chevron amethyst-freeform faceted nuggets
w/ some chlorite inclusions
varying sizes 12x18mm-15x24mm
AM48 - $10.00 per strand

Two tone amethyst freeform faceted nuggets
Varyings sizes 12x18mm-18x32mm
AM49 - $12.00 per strand

Lt amethyst large faceted freeform nuggets
varying sizes 10x20mm-20x40mm
AM70 - $17.00 per strand

lt amethyst "Israeli" facet freeform nuggets
varying sizes
AM71 - $36.00 per strand

dk amethyst "Israeli" facet freeform nuggets
varying sizes
AM72 - $36.00 per strand

chevron amethyst "Israeli" facet freeform nuggets
varying sizes
AM73 - $36.00 per strand

The following strands are all approximately 8 inches unless otherwise noted.

Free-form drops, sizes up to 15 to 22mm
Other sizes available in this style! call or email for details
AM50 - $48.00 per strand

Free-form drops, sizes up to 30mm
AM51 - $110.00 per strand

Jumbo carved ovals, 16x23mm to 25x42mm
AM52 - $69.00 - 23 inch strand

6x15 to 10x22mm, marquis cut briolette
AM53 - $32.00 - only one strand left!

7x14 to 10x20mm, marquis cut briolette
AM54 - $60.00 per strand

7x14 to 10x20mm, marquis cut briolette
AM55 - $64.00 per strand

10x23 to 14x27mm, carved feather
AM56 - $48.00 per strand

Free-form drops, sizes up to 20mm
AM57 - $49.00 per strand

Double drill rectangle, A-grade facet, 7x9mm
AM58 - $62.00 ~ Last Strand!

9 to 11mm faceted coin
AM59 - $24.00 per strand

4x6mm round faceted teardrop briolette
AM60 - $21.00 per strand

12x19mm round faceted teardrop briolette
AM61 - $162.00 per strand


Terms of Sale

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