Terms of Sale

Apatite beads at

Gemstone Beads are sold in 16 inch strands unless otherwise noted

appx. 3x5mm oval pebble
AP01 - $9.00 per strand

appx.7x10mm oval pebble
AP02 - $9.00 per strand

appx. 5x7mm oval pebble
AP03 - $10.00 per strand

6 to 10mm pebbles, blue color
AP04 - $10.00 per strand

6 to 10mm pebbles, blue green color
AP05 - $10.00 per strand

appx. 6mm coin
AP06 - $8.00 per strand

3-6mm chips, 36 inch strand
AP07 - $9.00 per strand

4mm facet rondelle, green color
AP08 - $32.00 per strand

4mm facet rondelle - Light blue
AP09 - $18.00 per strand

5mm facet rondelle - blue
AP10 - $28.00 per strand

3mm facet rondelle - light blue
AP11 - $16.00 per strand

5mm Blue to green multi shade facet rondelle
AP12 - $25.00 per strand

5mm facet rondelle - blue
AP13 - $52.00 per strand

6mm facet rondelle, deep blue
AP14 - $64.00 per strand

appx. 2.5mm facet rondelle, neon blue
AP15 - $42.00 per strand

appx. 3.5mm facet rondelle, neon blue
AP16 - $48.00 per strand

8inch strand, 5x8-11mm faceted briolette, rough quality
AP50 - $29.00 per strand

8 inch strand, 6-8mm freeform facet nuggets
AP51 - $39.00 per strand

10 inch strand, appx. 4x7mm facet drop briolette
AP52 - $94.00 per strand


Terms of Sale

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